The Extreme Wifi Planner

See how easy it is to plan, configure, and deploy your wireless LAN. Upload your floor plan, or create a floor plan by tracing a building using our google maps integration and place simulated access points (AP).

Cloud Networking for Dummies

Discover the benefits of cloud managed networking, decipher market terms and deployment model definitions, and identify key considerations to simplify, grow, and secure your network while leveraging ML and AI to gain greater IT and business insights.

Defining a Successful Wireless Solution

This white paper offers guidance for planning wireless implementations and investing in technology that will provide a solid, sustainable return on investment, regardless of what new innovations may evolve over the life of the system. It gives an overview of current wireless, mobile computing and data capture technology capabilities, as well as tips on how to make selections today that will both protect current investments and provide the flexibility to take advantage of future advancements.

Guide to Industrial Wireless Printing

The wireless revolution has changed the way companies do business, but perhaps no place more so than in the industrial/manufacturing segment. These businesses are saving significantly more time and money than other business sectors by utilizing wireless technology.

Simplifying Network Printing While Reducing Capital and Maintaining Costs

In today’s fast-paced, globally-connected business world, companies are using the power and flexibility of Web-based systems to manage aspects of their business once limited by geographic location and proprietary processes. As widespread interoperability and open standards have changed the face of the industry, bar code label printing has evolved from discrete, PC-based installations to fully networked systems utilizing Web technologies.

Sizing Applications for 2D Barcode Symbols

This white paper, “Sizing Applications for 2D Symbols,” presents a non-technical perspective and working knowledge for potential users of 2D codes. It compares the relative merits of 2D symbols to linear codes, outlines the basics of popular 2D codes today, and highlights the issues to consider when specifying which codes are well suited for typical applications.

Taking it to the Streets. A guide to wide area wireless for the non-technical business professional

The excitement around wireless data communication has accelerated in the past few years. The ability for remote workers to be in constant contact with the enterprise and have access to almost any data has tremendous potential for productivity gains and cost reduction. From real-time status updates and emergency dispatch to inventory verification and credit card authorization, your organization can benefit in many ways. Understanding the benefits of mobile wireless communications is only the first step. What do you do next?

The Benefits of IT Leasing

According to the Equipment Leasing Association, more than 80% of U.S. companies lease some or all of their equipment. Why are so many corporations choosing to lease instead of purchase? These companies realize that the true value of their equipment comes from its use, not its ownership. Welcome to a selection of technical documents that provide industry information that you may find useful.

Wireless Security: It’s Like Securing Your Home

Imagine your home, filled with the people you love and your prized possessions. You open all the windows and unlock all the doors. Then you place a man with a bull-horn outside announcing to the world that your domain is wide open, and invite them to come on in and go through your things, any time they want. According to many industry analysts, this is essentially what you are doing by not turning on the available wireless security that comes with systems today.