Wireless and Networking

Gain unparalleled flexibility and make every connection effortless

From on-premises to the cloud and anywhere in between, we’ve got your management needs covered. With a suite of management and orchestration tools, Extreme streamlines the deployment, monitoring, and support for tens of thousands of your switches. Unify your wired and wireless networks with comprehensive policy management, end-to-end security, and advanced analytics and insights.

Secure – Through a combination of role-based policies, secure link encryption, and hyper-segmentation, we help protect your network from the threat of cyber-attacks and breaches.

Cloud-driven – Combine industry-leading edge to core switches with powerful cloud management to streamline and simplify every aspect of network operations from deployment to support.

Automation – Do more with less with a fabric network that self-forms and self-provisions as well as enables the dynamic provisioning of network services as users and devices connect to the network.

AP302W – The AP302W access point is an indoor model 802.11ax wall plate access point. The access point supports Wi-Fi 6, features built-in dual-band radios, four internal antennas.

AP360i/e – The AP360i/e access points are outdoor model enterprise class 802.11ax access points. The “i” in AP360i indicates that the access point comes with internal antennas and the “e” in AP360e indicates that it comes with external antenna connectors. The access points feature a dual-band radio, one band-locked radio WiFi radio, one luetooth radio, four WiFi internal or external antennas, and one Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) antenna.

AP 505i – Extreme’s AP505i is a high performance, enterprise level class 802.11ax access point at the price/performance point that is ideal for many verticals, from retail, education, hospitality and healthcare. These enterprises need to support a high density of users and IofT devices, while delivering an exceptional user experience.

5420 Series – The 5420 as a universal hardware platform simplifies your deployment experience through powerful cloud management and simplified licensing. It also helps avoid technology lock-in by enabling you to select your desired use case through a simple change of operating software and/or feature set.